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Alpha Unmanned Systems is the leading Spanish designer, developer and producer of small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV). We are also specialist integrators for enhanced technology Flight Control Systems (FCS) and intelligent payloads for ISTAR missions and non-military tasks. Alpha Unmanned Systems offers complete solutions to many types of clients in the UAV sector, including a completely integrated Ground Control Station (GCS), communications, control software and all accessories tailored to the client's requirements. With Alpha Unmanned Systems, the client only needs to worry about defining the mission - we do the rest!


Typical civil applications include:

• Power line inspection

• Oil & Gas pipeline and offshore drilling surveillance

• Environmental or natural disasters

• Search & Rescue

• Fire Fighting support

• Academic Research

 Military missions:

• Convoy Surveillance

• Communications Relay

• Border Surveillance

• Maritime Operations

• “Over the Hill” Surveillance