Product Description


A handy, waterproof Peli case housing the electronics necessary to operate the GTRACK and to communicate with the UAV.

A System Ground Control Station that is simple, compact, rugged and easy to carry and deploy.



The GCASE serves as the connection point in the system for the UAV. 

New and advanced Ground Control Case incorporates the following main items:

  • Ground Control Unit for commanding the autopilot onboard the UAV. Up to 4 channels for multi-UAV operation.
  • VISIONAIR PREMIUM software running on a ruggedized laptop. (UAV Navigation)
  • battery with up to 13h operation. (Also LCD battery level indicator).
  • Joystick for manual operation.
  • Two Ethernet outputs.
  • The Components are housed in a rugged Peli Case


Alpha Unmanned Systems works with VISIONAIR, a UAV Navigation software product that has the following characteristics:

  • Visionair Mission software is designed with an all-important goal: “Fly the camera, not the UAV”.
  • Visionair software helps avoid distractions unrelated to the main mission, with fully automatic flight where minimal operator input is required.
  • The software is highly intuitive, easy to install in any commercial PC with low hardware requirements, with a similar Windows-style layout and usage, point & click operation with simple menus.
  • Typically a non-experienced operator requires less than one week to be fully trained.
  • Advanced automatic flight modes provide exceptional ease of operation for non-expert operators even during emergencies, communications loss, or adverse meteorological conditions.

Manual Control 

Control rate

50 Hz


1 mrad

Number of channels


Number of user switches



Internal battery

12 Volts, 20Ah, Pb

Supply (unregulated)

12V DC

Power consumption


Mechanical/ Environmental 

Size (mm, H x W x L)

17.6 x 47.0 x 35.7 mm 


18  Kg

System Connector


Joystick connector

DB-15 female

External power connector


GPS RF connector

SMA female

Temperature range

-40ºC to +85ºC