The excellent reliability and versatility of the ALPHA 800 helicopter make it particularly suitable for research and educational use.

Many research organizations and universities worldwide are developing new applications, sensors and payloads.





Several of the key reasons that make the ALPHA 800 helicopter especially suitable for research and education include: 

  • Long endurance (2.5 hours) and high payload carrying capacity due to its gasoline powered engine
  • Multiple payload options available
  • Short lead times for spare components
  • Well tested and validated solution with hundreds of hours of flight time
  • Excellent price point

Alpha provides all necessary documentation for you to develop your projects successfully.

The documentation package includes: 

  • Wiring and connections schemes
  • User manual
  • Maintenance manual
  • Pilot's Operating Handbook
  • Dynamometer engine data

A VECTOR Software Development Kit is a also available for clients to write their own navigation algorithms.

The documentation provides all necessary information for successful integration of avionics and payload and also enables use of the ALPHA 800 UAV platform for university projects such as:

  • Control algorithms design projects
  • Final year university projects
  • PhD research projects